Monday, February 13, 2012

Wading Through 24x36

This is so different from what I usually paint, but I have to say, I like painting birds. I think it I would have liked to get the water looking more "reflective." I like the bird though. I think painters tend to do a better job painting things they feel a connection to... and I do feel that with birds. This painting will be for sale in the Columbus Museam Show in Columbus, Georgia. The price will be $2600.00 and 40% of that will go to support the museum. I'm so happy to support them. They are some of the friendliest, most hard working people I've ever met.


Mary said...

AH-MAZING!!! This is beautiful, Susie!!

Nicole Mulvany said...

How much is this painting? I really love anything Charleston, SC area. Your work is so wonderful!